Amarillo has a burr under its saddle, and it's fabulous.

Amarillo is the latest place to buy into the national drag queen kick-down.  We experienced a bit of that here in Lubbock, but it appears that for the most part, Lubbock is of a mind to let people do what they wanna do. Amarillo, on the other hand, decided this was the latest emergency that needed to be dealt with.

At issue was a "Drag Queen Christmas" that was held Tuesday night. Of course, this little spark was turned into a brush fire by a politician. Have a look at this hot bag of dung slung out of the mouth of a Texas Senator-elect:


How anyone can't see through this transparent attempt at kicking down is beyond me. Let's backtrack a bit though. From 1969-74, and well beyond, the men of Monty Python's Flying Circus cross-dressed in nearly every episode. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" came out in 1975 and continues to be a phenomenon. "Mrs. Doubtfire" came out in 1993, "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything" came out in 1995, and "The Birdcage" came out in 1996. So these things have existed in the mainstream and were especially prominent 30 years ago. This means that there has been more than enough time to see if "the physical and emotional safety" of children was affected in any way.

I have to assume that this politician and others like him are either too dumb to know they can't do anything about this, or just evil enough to manipulate you into thinking they can.  Having drag events in your community is no different from having them on t.v., and unless you want people like this busting down your door and monitoring what you watch, we need to call them on their b.s.

In Texas (and in most places in America) you can take your kids to a bar or to an R-rated movie. You can cuss in front of them, and some people even like to fly political flags with the F-word on them. You get to decide how to raise your kids and you should always be on your toes when someone else says they want to "protect them".

Lastly, saying that children are being "harmed" by this event, is not only a bold assumption based on the fact that he has no idea of what the content is, (was), but it's only especially vile and reprehensible after the recent massacre at Club Q.  In addition, this was a somewhat-pricey event, and no one was being roped in off the street to watch.

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