It's no secret that we're down for anything that helps animals.

The Haven is a no-kill animal shelter that also serves as a home for some animals that aren't adoptable for one reason or another. Being the kindly folks that they are, and the pet overpopulation population Lubbock has, they tend to stay full (sorry, when there's no more kennel space, there's no more kennel space).

Due to recent intakes, The Haven could really use some donations of dry dog food. Did you overbuy or change brands for your pet? You can help out by donating to The Haven. It's also awesome when you just pick up a bag or two and drop it by for all the pets.

Find out how fulfilling it is to help The Haven, and stop and pet (or walk, or bath) the dogs and cats that make The Haven their home.  I've included a map to get to The Haven below their Facebook appeal.

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