I don't remember who was the first team to do it, but in the last five seasons, the NFL schedule release has become must-see action on social media. This year featured 32 NFL teams attempt to have a great video that garnered viral traffic.

Some teams tried way too hard. I'm looking at you Carolina Panthers. You don't need 10 minutes to announce your schedule.

Some teams, like the Philadelphia Eagles, didn't try at all. That's unfair, they probably tried, they just didn't entertain anyone.

The Cardinals must have spent all of their money on free agency because they just circled every game on the schedule. Get it? They circled the games. With a red sharpie. Every game is important.

Other teams went way over the top but in the best way possible. I present to you Post Malone and Jerry Jones playing beer pong and getting iced out.

Not to be outdone, the Broncos hired the most expensive intern of 2021.

A special shoutout to the Chargers who didn't take themselves too seriously.

The Texans... threw rice.

The Kansas City Chiefs produced two of these schedule release videos and one was very forgettable while the other is one of the best NFL schedule release videos of all time, and I do mean of all time.

I won't bother you with the forgettable one, here's the perfect sweet spot between understanding your audience and producing incredible content.

Give the people Andy Reid.

That's seriously all we need.

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