We need to re-launch Lubbock.

We've all seen old and family products relaunch and rebrand. Right now is the perfect time for Lubbock to stand head and shoulders above everybody in West Texas.

The Lubbock economy has always stayed remarkably consistent and resisted so many nationwide trends. Now, while I'll often complain about a lack of infrastructure investment here, it doesn't change the fact that Lubbock people just do what Lubbock people do. I'm sure many people have let thoughts of recession scare them, but so far that big bad wolf is just full of hot air.

More than 40,000 students are headed this way. They're going to need to know where to go, where the best deals are at, and who they can trust. Most of them will also initially be accompanied by their parents (or their parent's credit card) and will go spend crazy getting settled in the Hub City. TexasTech football will also be bringing tons of fans and visitors to town that will hit up our restaurants, hotels, and other amenities.

I also have to mention that the irrigated cotton looks really good and is kicking at the mid-shin level. I wish our farmers would have gotten a bit more free rain, but they're doing a great job of making the adjustments they need to.

For the most part, an "economy" is really built on confidence. It's how much people believe that things are good. I just want to remind everyone that things are always pretty good in Lubbock. Now is the time to have a little faith in what we have going on here. We can lead the way towards better days for all of West Texas by believing in our hometown.

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