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Do you want to know how the media benefits from exploiting the current coronavirus crisis?

Here's the real inside information on how the media works. (It's my only hope that The Illuminati we work with doesn't see me as a traitor and seek to eliminate me for telling you THE TRUTH).

The truth is that the media relies on advertising to survive. Now, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have had to close or curtail business. Businesses that are closed or experiencing cutbacks don't advertise, thus starving the media of its livelihood.

Wait...so it's actually against the media's best interests to talk about the pandemic? You mean, it costs them money to try to save lives? You mean, they may be doing this for their communities? You mean, they are actually trying to help?

That's correct, you potato-headed, conspiracy-minded, logically-challenged bags of possum hair. There is NO BENEFIT to the media in a pandemic like this. We lose money and jobs like everybody else.

It's logic, people. Follow the money. If no one's gettin' paid, then you need to come to a different conclusion.

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