Mike Leach may be owed money, but it's getting hard to respect his approach.

Coach Leach was jettisoned from Texas Tech 9 years ago. Heck, I even believe he was wrongly terminated and should have been paid out. He has wound his way through the court system, and it was ruled that the university didn't have to pay him. Beyond that date with the U.S. judicial system, I can't tell you anything about the legal fight.

Leach's quirky behavior, at least in comparison with most boring coaches, gave him a little shine nationally, and he has used that time to throw a little shade Texas Tech's way (or if you prefer, at the officials who were in charge then). The problem Mike Leach is now facing is "the wacky neighbor syndrome."

You know how Kramer on Seinfeld, Urkel on Family Matters, or even The Fonz on Happy Days dropped in on their shows?  At first, it's fun and breaks up the show. But after a while, it becomes really annoying. It's also hard for some of us to say, 'hey, this millionaire needs more millions.'

Leach returned to Lubbock this past Monday to autograph copies his books and chat with fans. On the way, he dropped a few one-liners about the situation. What he's failed to realize is that why we may agree that he was wronged, we still have a lot of love for Texas Tech. And some of us don't like 2018 Texas Tech getting caught up in the past's crossfire.

Leach should continue his fight in court if he still feels he was wronged. Trash talking is not getting it done. I understand where he's coming from, but I don't respect the way he's going about it. The people he had a beef with are long gone. Let the rest of us move on.

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    Mike Leach Meets Fans in Lubbock, Texas

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