Welcome back for the second edition of the Pillow Fight. Each week I will select two Twitter hotties and match them up against each other to see who is voted the sexier of the two and named the Pillow Fight Champion of the week. Last week's champion Roxanne Dawn returns to take on newcomer Tiffany Crystal.

Roxanne Dawn won last week's Pillow Fight by taking down Christine Trimm with 65% of the votes. Roxanne is our inaugural winner and with three more wins goes into the Pillow Fight Hall of Fame. That means she'll get a nice little congratulatory care package from us! Standing in the talented model/musicians way though is the newcomer, Tiffany Crystal.

Tiffany Crystal, like Roxanne, has done work for Playboy. She's also appeared in Golf Digest, Coed Magazine and Maxim as she was a semi finalist for Hometown Hotties in 2011. Tiffany is also active on both her Twitter and Facebook Fan Page.

Voting will run until 11:59PM on Monday, May 14th. The winner will advance to the next week's Pillow Fight while the loser will be able to return at a future date to redeem herself. Four wins gets you into the Pillow Fight Hall of Fame and gets you a nice congratulatory gift. Roxanne is now just three wins away from the Hall of Fame. That's unless Tiffany has something to say about it.

Roxanne Dawn on Twitter @RoxanneDawn | Tiffany Crystal on Twitter @Tiff_Crystal

Now are some videos to help persuade you in your voting.

Roxanne Dawn

Tiffany Crystal

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