You now have a variety of options to listen to The RockShow BackStage podcast.

Each week, we have a one-word theme that we bring to the table and explore. It's been a blast and, for some, eye-opening. (Wait until we publish this week's episode, entitled "Trauma.") The shows range from 30 to 40 minutes and I think you'll enjoy hearing The RockShow in a more casual setting with fewer time constraints and actual cursing.

Our episodes so far are Jobs, Travel, Family, Pandemic, Motivation, School, Friends, Wasted, and the forthcoming Trauma. I guess you can tell that we've been busy little beavers with Backstage.

We're now up on the popular platforms. You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Tunein, Spotify, Listen Notes and the FMX Listen Live player. If you download the FMX app, you can also turn on push notifications for the podcast.

I'm a bit old-school in that I like to use the Listen Live player. After you hit Listen Live, click "The RockShow Backstage," then select an episode. The newest one is on top with the oldest one on the bottom.

I'd like to express that one of the main reasons that we put this out is to distract you from the constant doom-scrolling, Facebook fighting, and/or the terrible awful reality that is a different radio station. So now when you've got your fill of FMX for the day (at least 10 hours is the recommended dose), you can tune in and chill out with a casual chat.

I've found it fascinating to produce this podcast because we aren't exactly on in the same way as we are when we're on the air. I think you'll like a dip into a deeper area of the pool. Enjoy.

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