It's never an easy topic to discuss but when it happens so close to home it's also a topic difficult to avoid. Mass shootings. Following the tragedy in Odessa it is hard not to feel a variety of emotions, especially as a parent learning to live without a child who has passed away.

We discussed this topic and what possible solutions can be used to minimize or reduce this sort of violence. Governor Abbott's response leaves much to be desired as far as true ideas or solutions go. However difficult the subject is to discuss, ignoring the situation will only guarantee more mass shootings occur.

As we started to decided what to say to our listeners, we were a little worried about what sort of calls and hate mail we'd receive after we both gave our respective opinions about the situation. It was not our original intention to take calls because it's such a tough subject and we didn't want to start anyone's day with anything other than pleasantries.

What ended up being one of our best shows, unfortunately involved the topic of mass shootings, but it also demonstrated that there are adults willing to have a civil discussion about solutions without screaming and frothing at the mouth while doing so.

Check out how our conversations with listeners went down:

Feel free to send us your comments or if you have any solutions you'd like to add to the discussion the adults are having we would love to hear them.



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