In the words of Mickey D's: "I'm loving it!"

Imagine if every day you went to work someone called in at the exact time to tell you "you suck." Think about that. You barely have your eyes open, you really haven't even had time to suck before someone tells you how horrible you are.

For the last two to three months, The RockShow has been getting that call. We got to the point that we wouldn't even answer the phone anywhere near that time because we knew it was the "you suck" guy. The only thing that bothered us was, what if one of those times it was actually someone who wanted to talk to the show?

I'm going to pause here for a moment and take a bit of joy knowing that the guy is literally crapping himself worrying that I'm going to name him.  Well...clench those buttcheeks, buddy, and read on. 

Anywho, criticism is part of what we do. Who cares? You're always a villain in someone else's story. We've been the number one morning show in town for quite some time, so evidence shows that people love our kind of suck (and we suck if we haven't told you how much we appreciate it lately). I also kinda think I didn't get through 41 years of radio by sucking. So the calls didn't bother us, but they kept us from trying not to suck.

So on with the show. You're probably aware that we switched phone numbers. You can now call the RockShow at 806-547-KFMX. Now keep in mind that we can't see who is calling because that wouldn't be fair when we had a contest. This morning though, I had an idea. I wondered if *69 would now work. Lo and behold it does. After two rings, I got the fella's voice mail where he introduced himself and his business. I left a message saying, "Hey ______, YOU SUCK and we're going to tell everyone your business sucks too!". 

So there you go, payback to the guy who went out of his way to try to ruin our day. And no, I'm not going to name him because we're already living rent-free in this guy's head. Hopefully he learned his lesson and finds something better to do with his time.

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