It's good to be the kings of the morning.

We got hooked up with super-advanced sample cans of two new Monster flavors and they were delicious.

I do not drink coffee and I never developed a taste for it. I used to slam a Double Gulp from the 7-11 to get my caffeine then Monster came along to give me a push start in the morning (the flavor of the other one just always put me off). I start each day with a Monster Ultra, Monster Ultra Sunrise, or A Monster Ultra Grape. These blasts of refreshing deliciousness activate the funny cells in my body (and sometimes my bowels too). I guess at this point you've figured out that I am a for real, Monster lover, and those of you who know, know.


Anyways let's talk about these two new flavors. First up is the watermelon which has a super-rich watermelon flavor, and I mean they didn't skimp on the flavoring at all. It does not taste like fizzy water with watermelon on top, it tastes like watermelon bigtime. Just imagine a melty watermelon Jolly Rancher, but somehow just a little bit more like a bite of a watermelon,

Next up was the White Pineapple. Our first question was, "why does the pineapple gotta be white?"  I kind of thing that has to do with the taste. This tastes more like a riper and more mellow pineapple with almost no tartness at all.

The cans say "Monster Reserve" and I'm told they should roll out in the next 30 days.

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