It began long ago...

Pyramid Plaza was built in 1981. You know the all-glass building just off of Loop 289. I don't care whether it's 1981 or 2022, that building looks cool.

You know what else was built in 1981, don't ya? It was FMX. I don't care whether it's 1981 or 2022, FMX is cool. (See what I did there?)

Now, I do know that the person who designed the initial 94.5 FMX logo now works for Texas Country Reporter. What I do not know is who decided that the design should be a trapezoid, like Pyramid Plaza. It was probably the same person, but I'll leave that open for now.

KFMX FM logo
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Believe it or not, there were people who were here before me. My first of two stints with FMX came, I think, somewhere just short of a year after the station launched. The folks that were here before me told me that the Pyramid was very much the inspiration for the first FMX sticker cut. I guess if it wasn't, it would have been a heck of a coincidence that the two ended up the same shape.

News has now come out that the Pyramid Plaza has been purchased by local folks who intend to make improvements to the existing structure and keep it a part of the Lubbock landscape. I would just like for those people to know that many people are pulling for them and we're very much thankful that this iconic building will be given new life in the Hub City.

Maybe for the grand re-opening we could do a throwback FMX sticker to celebrate?

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