Big shoutouts to some people who are watching out for your health.

Let's start out with the whole "I wear a mask for you, you wear a mask for me" thing. It's the right thing to do and it's the smart thing to do. There's a reason why L.I.S.D. and Texas Tech have chosen to keep masks required on campus and it's because they're smart enough to have weighed the risks.

Having L.I.S.D. and Texas Tech masked up doesn't just benefit them, it benefits us because interact with so many of these students on a daily basis. These are young, active people. If they were to cash the Coronavirus they'd most likely be okay, but they are thoughtful enough to try to minimize spreading it around to the community.

I'm not impressed with the small-town knuckledraggers and thinking they know better than the experts or the larger schools. The small-town schools are showing upfront that they themselves have a poor understanding of science and health. If your child is in one of these schools, you might want to seriously look into not only the education they're getting but the indoctrination they're getting into the ignorant anti-science world.

I said before, I agree it's time for personal responsibility, but these institutions affect so many people that decisions occasionally have to be made that are in the best interest of everybody.

If everyone stays smart, we can stay open. By all means, enjoy Texas being open 100%, but do it wisely. Protect yourself and your friends and wear a mask whenever possible.

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