State Senator Charles Perry has a bone to pick with high school sports. he doesn't like it that, through some statistical flukes, that some winless or one win teams were making their districts playoffs.  First off, who cares?  Those teams will be eliminated quickly and those high school school kids might get a chance to get inspired under the big lights.

Mark Stahl, ThinkStock

This is all an over-reaction. This fluke of a winless team making it into the playoffs happened FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY this year.  So, I don't know, that means about 40 years of football went fine and now we need legislation to "fix" one bad year?

Next up, the U.I.L. itself is a governing body; we don't need it micromanaged by politicians who should be focused on lower taxes, fixing roads and other serious issues.  If the parents of the athlete's want the rules changed, then they can lobby the U.I.L. for the changes.

Perry cites costs and safety as the reasons for his legislation. I call it legislative "bait and switch". These lawmakers can't get any real work done, so they introduce this smoke and mirrors legislation to distract you from the real issues.

In short, somebody needs to tell Perry he's not the "Commissioner Of High School Football (or any other sports).  The parents, the athletes, and the U.I.L. can figure this out fine all by themselves.