Every year I always look forward to The Summer Slaughter Tour, being one of the most aggressive lineups that tour North America, the tour is always right up my alley.

The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013 will be headlined by The Dillinger Escape Plan which had been the rumor since the beginning of talks. Also on the bill are Animals As Leaders, Periphery, Cattle Decapitation, The Ocean, Revocation and Aeon.

To be honest I am just a little disappointed in this years lineup. The only bands I would be interested in seeing would be Cattle Decapitation, Periphery, Norma Jean and the Dillinger Escape Plan.


Tour dates for this years tour have not been released yet and we will keep you updated.

When people ask me what my favorite show I have ever seen was, I have to answer The Summer Slaughter Tour 2009 with Suffocation, Darkest Hour, Dying Fetus, Born Of Osiris, Winds Of Plague, Decrepit Birth and a few more. We threw it down at Tequila Jungle which is now Wreckers and we had a blast all day throwing down some serious metal. So I have a soft spot when it comes to The Summer Slaughter Tour and I always look forward to seeing who they throw together on this tour.

Check out the some Dillinger Escape Plan and get your horns up!