It's been too long since I've seen Korn live. I NEED to see this band live every 9-12 months to recharge my batteries. For some reason this video of their full concert in a wheat field started showing up in my trends on my YouTube page and I could not be happier. More after the jump.


This is the show/documentary that was filmed to help promote Korn III (the album prior to the dub steppy "The Path To Totality").  It features the band playing live in a field, no audience, no hoopla, just the band totally killing it.  I personally think it's uber-awesome because "Pop A Pill" is featured in the performance and I just don't see the band putting that song in their sets going forward.  If you can't watch the whole thing, make sure you check out at least some of the night time scenes.  "Shoots and Ladders", at dark, in a field, under spotlights is just freaking unreal, and I mean BEST THING EVER UNREAL.  Check it out.

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