I guess we can't sweep this one under the rug.

I just don't feel unsafe in Lubbock. Maybe it's a big guy, maybe it's because I have protection, or maybe I just don't go into unsafe areas. Still, the crime rate says that Lubbock is a very dangerous place. I actually googled, "Where is the murder capital of Texas?" and was given various websites that were considered the most dangerous cities in Texas.

World Population Report lists Lubbock as the 3rd Most Dangerous City in Texas in 2023

The Southwest Journal actually has Lubbock listed as #2.

Property Club, which actually comes in first when you search for these things, also lists us as #3, once again citing the FBI’s 2021-22 Uniform Crime Report.

I actually looked at more than the top three, and yes Lubbock comes in number two or three. True, many cite the same reports, but that's not the point, the point is that we have a problem and the word is out.

One area that has to be looked at is policing, because it is something we have control over. I think we need to ask, "Do we have enough police?", "Do the police have what they need?" and "Are the police focused in the right areas?".  I'm of the belief that the police do very much know what is expected of them, but the question should be asked. It does seem like we have a nice police presence on the streets but who's to say they aren't being stretched too thin?

One thing is for certain, and that's you can't do the same thing again and again and expect different results. Something needs to be done to make Lubbock safer and so far whatever it is has eluded us.

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