I have sent several words into the Urban Dictionary.

The Urban Dictionary is weird, just now I saw a word combo that was nothing more than a word-slur against someone, while they ignored that is the greatness that is my submission.

First off, I've had three words entered into the U.D. lexicon. Let's talk about the two that didn't make the cut.

The first was "Dustbillies". Let's face it, all hillbillies are not from the hills, some live right next door to you.  Sometimes Dustbillies are misidentified as rednecks, but a lot of redneck behavior is intentional and fun and carried out by folks that are as likely to be from a big city as a small town. Dustbillies are more of an inbred, possibly meth-fueled backwoods bunch.

The next definition was "bag-fruit". To me, this was a sure winner. Bag-fruit was used to describe the scene after a windy day in which plastic bags get caught up in the trees.

I'm still waiting on my latest entry "Humorsexual", which is a person who uses their sense of humor to attract the opposite sex because they have no other redeeming values.

I guess my words were just a little too regional and maybe even a little too "country" for the folks at the "Urban" Dictionary.

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