I used to be the biggest boxing fan. I really liked the younger no-name fighters who seemed to be fighting for pride as much as anything else.

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Boxing used to be about two guys getting matched up, going and giving it their all in the ring, then shaking hands on their way out. That's what gentlemen do. Sometimes they trash talked before the match but when it was over, it was over. They knew they had each other's respect and that they might even end up at the same broadcast table or some event in the future.

These days we have such violent, stupid rhetoric (trash-talking) from classless folk who don't know how to lose or win with grace. We are letting the worst of humankind yell the loudest and it's just plain awful. This is not what we should be teaching or kids. We should teach them respect even for their rivals.

Class and grace are going to have to be taught to the mannerless and it has to come from within the side that the vulgar are representing. Tell your big mouth friends and relatives it's time to chill and behave like rational human beings. When we have an issue, we'll do the best we can to make our point, work out a solution, then shake hands like gentlemen and walk away.

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