Could we finally get out and rock?

Let's talk about the word "drought" before the knuckleheads get involved in the situation. (Truth be told, the knuckleheads have already commented on Facebook before even reading what this is about.)

A drought technically means "a period of dryness, especially when prolonged." A place can also still be considered under a drought if it rained 10 inches yesterday but hasn't rained the usual 20 inches. All of this is to say, yes, we do appreciate the locals knocking it out there and the few appearances we've had from regional and national bands, but it certainly is a drought compared to how many shows Lubbock usually gets.

We're excited about the Beartooth show on April 9th at the Lonestar Pavilion. That show will also feature Silverstein, The Devil Wears Prada and Erra. Though these bands haven't had a real big radio breakthrough moment yet, we feel it's inevitable one of them will. Jake's Backroom has a few metal shows on the horizon too, but hardly the number they're used to hosting.

This brings us to the reason we're here. We've heard some news on a band finally rebooking their show in Lubbock. We're excited that this show is finally getting some traction and hope everyone will get out and support it. Lubbock is currently supporting 15,000-person college basketball games safely, so I think we can do a few thousand outdoors for some live music.

I'm not going to lie, the day I'm seeing is August. But knowing that bands are getting back out on the road and rescheduling shows is a very good sign for the scene overall. It's been far too long since we've got to rock together for the common cause.

Stay tuned for an official announcement on a show soon.

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