This guy was looking for love in all the wrong places Monday night during a live Facebook video stream of Ron Roberts updating everyone on the possibility of a tornado in Lubbock, Texas.

I could not resist the screenshot above. In a matter of hours, it had been shared hundreds of times. Whoopsie.

It turns out "pea-sized hail on 34th and Quaker" is all it took to bring a guy named Herbet to his knees. He was clearly so struck by the woman's wit and sense of humor that he just HAD to go creep through her profile.

Just as he suspected, she was "a very beautiful woman."

He must know her...and all of the other random women who fell victim to his creepin' in front of 2,500 people who were innocently trying to find out whether or not Lubbock was going to blow the hell away. What a show!

Meme Credit: Adam Guerra
Meme Credit: Adam Guerra

I'm sorry to break it to you, Kelly. You are not the only one. Herbert must have been SO worried at the prospect of perishing alone in a deadly storm that he put feelers out in every direction. If you're heartbroken at this discovery, I want you to know that it will be okay. There are plenty of other weirdos out there waiting to holler at you at the most inopportune time.

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Herbert, you rascal. I don't know if you're someone's great uncle who needs the phone taken away from them or just a fake profile run by some foreign dude looking to score with some American hotties, but whoever you are, thanks for making me laugh until I blew snot into my Ramen, you dang weirdo.

If you are that hard up for a lady, maybe it's time to try Tinder, or, I don't know, ANYTHING else.

Remnants of the 1970 Lubbock Tornado

Remnants of the 1970 Lubbock Tornado


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