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Why, Ron? Why would you do us dirty like this? WHAT DID WE EVER DO TO YOU???

Ron Roberts is one of our very favorite people and a true legend on the South Plains. When severe weather looms, he's our huckleberry. Ron has also been gracious enough to withstand some gentle ribbing from time to time, but now...I think we've ticked the man off.

Or he just hates 80s music or something.

Ron has always been kind enough to mention our stations on KAMC when we count on him for severe weather coverage. Today, however, we noticed something conspicuous when he was giving us all a shout out on Twitter.

Image: Ron Roberts via Twitter
Image: Ron Roberts via Twitter


94.5 FMX? Check.

102.5 Kiss FM? Check.

Lonestar 99.5? Check.

Talk 1340? Check.

KFYO? Check.

Awesome 98? U mmmm, NOPE.

I'd assume that this is just an oversight, but Ron left off the marginally successful home of Lubbock's Greatest Hits when shouting out the stations that carry his weather coverage. At least I'm telling myself that it was an oversight and that Ron doesn't have a serious beef with Madonna or Huey Lewis songs around the clock.

"Hey Ron! Want me to put the Awesome 98 logo on there, too?"

"Nahhh, I'm getting sick of hearing that stupid Pina Colada song over and over. Screw those guys."

So, again, I have to ask: How can we prove our love for you, Ron? Can we make it up to you? WE CAN'T QUIT YOU!

In all seriousness, Ron Roberts is our guy and he wants to keep all y'all safe. If you need severe weather updates, check out any of our stations for Ron's weather updates. Except on Awesome 98, because Ron said so.

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