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Do you feel a bit antsy when you see storms on the horizon? Ever worry about us getting hit by a big scary tornado? Are you looking for more helpful tips that perhaps Ron Roberts has not mentioned in his local weather report? Well, look no further because Texas comedian Daryl Felsberg is here to put your mind at ease with some creative ways to combat scary weather.

Daryl told Lubbock's Rock Station 94.5 FMX that he will be making these weather updates a regular thing on his Facebook page, so if you enjoy the hilarious video below I would suggest following him. He's an incredibly funny stand-up comedian and I had the pleasure of performing in a show with him at Cactus Theater recently. He had me absolutely rolling in the green room before he went on, and then as soon as he hit the stage, it was all I could do to not pee in my pants while I cackled from behind the curtain.


Felsberg set his comedy hat down for a second to do a bit of storm chasing in Paris, Texas and shared a video on Facebook this morning with some excellent advice on how to handle yourself in a storm. Enjoy!

Shout out to Daryl for making us laugh this morning, and if you have a chance to see him live, you will not regret it. You can find all of the details on where he will be performing next here. You can also get some sweet Felsberg fun on his fan page here.

Now, I'll be heading to the bank to stock up on suckers and then making a stop at Walmart for a Magic 8 Ball, JUST in case. You never know what kind of storms are going to go down this season in Lubbock. Gotta be prepared!

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