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Lest we forget due to the coronavirus pandemic, this week is the (un)official Texas Hate Week. That joyous time when Texas Tech football fans troll all things UT ahead of the two teams facing off in what's been a highly contested game recently. Both programs have been bad in the last decade, and the Longhorns are only 3-2 against the Red Raiders in the last five seasons.

There's no need to check the records beyond that point. Stop. Don't do it.

Granted, the game falls way earlier than usual this season due to the ass-backwards Big 12 schedule. But at least we have a football season in Lubbock, and not a hodgepodge attempt at a season like the Pac 12's experiment.

And thank God we have a Texas Hate Week, because we got this beauty:


This shirt is great on two levels.

First, cattle is dinner, not a mascot. So Bevo is fair game. There's also that time the Longhorns mascot nearly tramped an innocent and defenseless dog. We can not condone such senseless violence against man's best friend.

It also contains a call back to the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, AKA TP-geddon -- that strange time in Lubbock back in March where people were making a run on toilet paper and stocking up on the stuff for...some reason. We're honestly still trying to figure that one out. COVID-19 is still here, and we're still able to buy toilet paper at United. In hindsight, the shortage was two-ply short of reasonable.

This design is almost perfect. Bevo's googly eyes and tongue. The stack of toilet paper on top of the horns. The riff on Will Rogers and Soapsuds being done in a shoddy way. All of that is great. The one complaint? Why put the double T logo on the toilet paper? I mean, we know what toiler paper is generally used for. I get the branding Bevo aspect, but put it right on the bull and not on the TP.

That reminds me...do they sell TCU toilet paper?

If you just have to have this t-shirt, it's available online at The Matador's website.

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