Thanks to a friend, I was reminded of the anniversary of booze in the Hub.

I think it's worthwhile to look back on alcohol sales in the Hub because it brings other issues to mind.

Of course, we were told that having booze inside city limits would turn Lubbock into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah with people getting drunk and fornicating in the streets (I'm still waiting to see that, but it's never pretty people anyways).  We were told that drunk drivers would be murdering the young and that all types of calamity would befall us because I guess the bible says so?

The alcohol issue is just another example of how people distort facts to suit their agenda. It's easier to get donations if you're telling people you're fighting to save their kids from being set upon by packs of angry drunks.

Along the way we'ver heard these same arguments against heavy metal (remember the Manson protests?), Teddy Ruxpin (he's "enchanting" kids), and immigrants. There is no end to the lunacy when the "anti" crowd gets whipped up.

The "Strip" was an iconic location in Lubbock. It was fun to go to the Strip because it felt you were lighting the fuse on some fun. It had the lights of Vegas and an air of adreniline about it. None of that took away from the fact that its very existence was really dumb.

I'm glad Lubbock dropped its personal prohibition. I want to say that it's been nothing but good for the Hub, but the truth is, it really didn't change much of anything. It made things microscopically more convenient. Let's remember this any time any type of progress is proposed for the Hub City.

Note: I'm still proud of the fact that The RockShow's Heathen purchased the very first legal beer in the Hub City. We still have the can (we drank the beer). 

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