The world lost another celebrity to suicide, and it's really tough to think about, even if you don't know or understand who that person was.

Comedian, writer and spoken word artist Bobby Gaylor released the song "Suicide" around 2000, and it's the ultimate bait-and-switch.

Initially, the thought is 'do it, because it benefits me,' which can be a bit shocking to some. But then the message changes. The song twists up when you don't expect it with an epic ending that gives you so many great reasons for living. (Think of it as the spoken word version of "Stairway to Heaven.") You have to listen to the track as whole to realize how empowering it really is.

I thought it might be good to pass along this little audio nugget because it does offer so many great reasons for living, so many little things that we take for granted. I hope that you'll hear the message in the way it was intended.

I would like to remind each and every one of you that depression is real and you can both live with it and recover from it, but you have to deal with it. The number to the National Suicide Hotline is 1-800-273-8255. You can also read more at the National Suicide Prevention website.

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