Man, it was tough keeping the Metallica secret, but some places aren't afraid of being wrong.

U.S. Concerts
U.S. Concerts

Metallica news started leaking out the Saturday before the show, but Sunday it was all over the place. The posts were both frustrating and hilarious.

Out of nowhere, some site called "U.S. Concerts" put up a posting and it was ridiculous. It claimed that Metallica would be playing on that upcoming Friday -- like, eight days later. Still, people were excited about it and passing it around and never once questioned the fact that a band like Metallica doesn't put on a show with that little notice. Heck, rarely do local bands play with less than eight days notice.

Also screwing the pooch were our friends Metal Injection, Blabbermouth and so on. If you didn't notice, they published a list of cities that Metallica would be playing on their "2018" tour. This kind of sucked the wind out of people when they found out the concert was in 2019.

So while all of this misinformation (FAKE NEWS, if you will) was being put out there, we had to just be quiet. We had a promotional agreement with Metallica to not say a word until Monday at 8 a.m. CT when the news was blasted across the country.

You may be wondering why bands do things this way. Well, for one reason, when all of those outlets and all of those fans start hunting up the information, the band starts "trending" on social media and they get tons more publicity.

Anywhoo...that's the scoop. We hope you get Met tickets; it's our belief that there are still some single seats and a few enhanced experience packages available.

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