Clear your plate for about 24 minutes. Yeah, it will go by like it's about five though.  I guess to a degree you'd call this a "documentary" or maybe it's just the reenactment of the last 20 years of the W.W.E., but whatever it is, it's fantastic.


The long and short of it, is that this tells the story of the W.W.E. and wrestling through the career of Triple H.  There's celebrity cameos, girls playing the parts of guys and all kinds of craziness.  Still, it does an excellent job of recapping the last two decades of wrestling action. This will make you want to sign up for the W.W.E. Network immediately and just say "here Mr. McMahon, take my money".  Careful, a few profanities await you, but get ready for an epic road trip down a comedic memory lane.