The generosity and kindness this year were amazing.

This year, I saw more people offering up food and supplies than ever before. I saw many people who bought full-on 'you make it' packages, and people who were delivering food that was hot and ready to go. It seemed like everyone on my feed was checking on everyone else at every single level. I'm truly in awe of the friend's list I've put together.

It's been a very rough year with isolation and even the deaths of people close to us. Maybe my little tribe has drawn closer and learned to look after each other a little better. Maybe they've evaluated what's important to them and/or redefined who they want to be. Maybe the people who've moved on from Facebook were diluting the kindness that was already on my feed. Whatever it was, I'm grateful for it.

I had exactly one guest over for Thanksgiving, and I don't feel like I missed a thing. She's certainly my favorite guest and we kept our distance. I've had Thanksgiving celebrations with a couple of dozen people in the past, and while I enjoyed them, I don't know if I enjoyed them as much as having one person over in the midst of this pandemic.

I sincerely hoped that you spent your Thanksgiving season truly being thankful for what you have and sharing with others. For me, this may have been the best Thanksgiving ever.

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