There was something that slipped by in the news so quickly that I had to stop and point it out.

Here's a little background. As a young child, I learned that when I had a cold, the flu, or a nasal infection a trip to the beach with a swim in the ocean really seemed to clear me out. Yes, I no doubt was already healing when I felt good enough to make the trip, but I could swear things progressed exponentially after being exposed to salt water.

Now a new study claims that you may be able to keep your COVID from getting too serious by gargling and with nasal irrigation using saline. Yes, salt water. We need to go full stop here and say that if you're going to do nasal irrigation it needs to be with purified water because there may be some dangerous "ick" in your tap water.

Over the last few years, I have adopted a daily routine of nasal irrigation after noticing a nurse friend doing the same. I can tell you that the regular rinse-outs certainly seem to keep some of the bad stuff out while knocking back sniffles, tickles, and other irritating nasal problems.

As for the gargling, it's said that COVID breeds in your sinuses and back of your throat and at the very least you're breaking up that little party just a bit. This could be the reason why those who follow saline routines are said to have fewer instances of hospitalizations due to COVID-19.

You may not be ready to develop a routine as I did, but it would still be very smart to pick up an inexpensive nasal irrigation kit and a gallon of purified water to use in case of emergencies.  If you can't stand the thought of rinsing out your nose, gargling with the saline solution may keep you out of the hospital.

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