Opening Texas back up on Texas Independence Day was a political stunt that may bite us in the rear.

Do you think it was a coincidence that Texas was opened back up on Texas Independence Day? Don't you think opening back up should be a little more based on science rather than pageantry? Don't you feel like this announcement is meant to take the heat off the politicians since they failed us so miserably during the snowstorm? Now, even with that said, I'm going to get a little more wishy-washy than usual.

Governor Greg Abbott basically said that it's time for Texas to open back up and that people should take personal responsibility. I 100 percent agree with the governor on this point, but do you feel the people around here took personal responsibility to this point? The answer is no. COVID-19 burned through Lubbock like a white-hot knife through butter and this went on too long because people didn't take personal responsibility. I wish they would, but I don't think they will.

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So I told you I was going to be wishy-washy on this. Opening back up this early will probably cause this to drag on a bit longer than it should, but if not now, when? I'm not really sure a couple of weeks or even a month will make a difference at this point. I think the careless people will continue to be careless and the safe people will continue to be safe. I'm 100 percent for your freedom and safety as long as you respect the fact that I'm going to wear a mask a bit longer.

Where this may be a problem is that it gives anti-mask tools an opening to begin hassling store employees and other patrons. Please let it be known, that is not a wise idea.

Please, everyone, keep washing those hands. Keep your distance from people and wear a mask when you can. Let's make this opening stick -- not because the governor said so, but because we step up and handle this thing with personal responsibility and care for others.

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