I'm not going to give much of a history lesson here. By now, you are probably relieved to see that you have one guy on your side, or you're mad because I'm not on the side you want me to be on.

Crowd holding American flags

I just read of another friend being yelled at to "go back to Mexico", then followed by a cowardly screeching of tires from someone who didn't have the balls to stand up for their own bigotry.

The fact is, even in Texas, even this close to the border, the majority of Hispanics you meet have never even been in Mexico. All they've ever known is a life in the U.S., and now a hostile U.S. that seems okay with being hateful to people for NO DAMN REASON AT ALL.

I've written many blogs standing up for gay people; I never thought I'd have to write one about our Hispanic brothers and sisters. They are so ingrained in our community that it's insane to think that someone sits around hating them for the color of their skin. That is true ignorance in action.

I guess some of you don't know that the Nessman family tree has a huge branch with the last name of Saldana.  That's not a new thing either, my Uncle Richard (who helped teach me to shoot) is a great grandpa now. That's a long line of folks, all legal, all American and all unworthy of being yelled at by a white trash yahoo.

Friends and rockers, please talk to your neighbors. You'll find that you have much more in common than you think. We're in this together.


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