Get your "Paranormal Activity" nonsense out of here.  I'm talking some fully fleshed out (can I use that term?) ghosts here!

Ghosts need to have rules. First off, how can a ghost hurt someone? Do they scare them to death, can they move objects, can they steal your soul? All of these are good questions that most of these movies answer. Even more than that, these are just good stories. So with that in mind, here's my "Top Six Must See Horror Movies About Ghosts".

  • 1

    13 Ghosts

    I LOVE this movie, and let me give you a strange recommendation. If you get the d.v.d., or even if you go online, there is a short film that explains what or who the 13 Ghosts were before they started haunting the house. I actually recommend you watch it before the movie.  It's not going to ruin anything for you, in fact you'll be creeped out more by the ghosts when you see them.  This movie also has one of the best "kills" I've ever seen in a horror movie.

  • 2

    Ghost Ship

    I love this movie. It came out about he same time as 13 Ghosts and I had high hopes for a mid to upper budget string of horror movies. That kind of didn't happen. The movie features one of the largest death scenes ever. It's just crazy how many people get chopped up, and their slo-mo reactions to being on their way to dead.  Bonus: This is the movie that helped bring Mudvayne to prominence with a crew member rocking out to "Not Falling".

  • 3

    The Shining

    I know a lot of you won't go back and watch movies that are "before your time". Well, you should make an exception here. To this day, I'm not completely happy with the movie to this day. Still, the movie will haunt you. You will always think about this movie during various times in your life. It's a must-see decent into madness, likely brought on by isolation and ghosts.

  • 4

    The House On Haunted Hill

    Wow, I really wish this trailer was a better quality. Anyways, I think it shows you what you need to know. This one is worth digging around for. There's plenty of creep outs, jump scares and spooky moments. It asks the question, "would you spend the night in a haunted house for a million dollars?"  Myself, I'd say, "Hell Yes", until I saw that weird head shaking thing, then I'm out.

  • 5

    The Ring

    The Ring got to me. Somewhere it got planted in my mind that if I watched the film within the film that made people go nuts and die, it could make me go nuts and die too. Of course, I never truly believed that, but it was always just a thought in the back of my mind.

  • 6

    The Grudge

    Yes, we'll make the end of this list a two-fer of Japanese horror re-makes. In fact, there's even a film coming out where the villians from the Grudge and the Ring battle it out somehow (probably over a much-needed hairbrush). The Grudge is super spooky and also contains a little bit of that hard-to-get-help-because-I'm-a-stranger-here vibe.