This video for the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts & Sciences (jeez, enough with the long name already!) has been making the rounds. The best part about this thing is privately funded because I think it would bankrupt the city if Lubbock owned it.

First off, I have to be negative here. My first impression is, this is not a place for us rockers. This is a place for the the tiny fraction of Lubbock who is into ballets, orchestra and theater.

My guess is they might get something like some classic rock artist unplugged every few years, but other than that it won't even be on the average Lubbock citizen's radar.

It's also going to take away the incentive to keep places like the Lubbock Civic Center up because they'll lose just enough big money to the Buddy Holly Hall to not have any cash for upkeep.

Anyways, I don't really care about the BHH. We have plenty of places right now that don't get used to anywhere near their full capabilities. Here are six of them.

  • 1

    Lubbock Coliseum

    There's a reason this is no. 1.  EVERY show in the 80s took place at the Coliseum. Now, practically nothing related to music happens there.

    Metallica, Ozzy, Elvis and many more played the Coliseum. I'm not real sure why it's fallen out of favor. I visited it during Carmageddon, and everything still seems to be in pretty darn good shape.

  • 2

    United Supermarkets Arena

    Let's be honest here. The United Supermarkets Arena (formerly United Spirit Arena) was built for Texas Tech Basketball. That's fair and good, but kills the majority of the year as far as concert bookings go.

    The costs of taking a show to the USA can be a little prohibitive, especially considering the amount of seats that can be sold. The Frank Erwin Center in Austin can handle about 2,000 more people, which means a $40 concert ticket generates an additional $80,000. So why would you stop in Lubbock anyway?

  • 3

    Wells Fargo Amphitheater

    I don't even know why this place exists. Apparently, they do musicals or plays for most of the summer. I don't know of anyone who has gone to one. I do know the layout would be perfect for some of these smaller shows that would be fun outdoors. It's like a more intimate Lone Star Events Center. I guess they're happy just being the home of Lubbock Moonlight Musicals, but it sure seems like a missed opportunity to do more.

  • 4

    Wild West Lubbock

    Some of you guys need to get over the idea that Wild West is a country dancing bar and that's all it can ever be. We have had some top-notch shows at Wild West. I love the dual upstairs/downstairs sightlines, the comfortable chill areas upstairs and lots of FREE parking.

    If it were up to me, more than half the shows we have on the books right now would move over to Wild West.

  • 5

    Lubbock Civic Center & Theater

    I saw Rodney Carrington at the Civic Center. I also saw Billy Idol put a hell of a show in there in the 80s. Recently, I went to the Lubbock ISD String Fling in the theater and that would be a great spot, too. The possibilities using the different areas of the Civic Center are endless. The Lubbock Civic Center is probably the number one reason that this new Buddy Holly Center is pointless and redundant.

  • 6

    Fairpark Coliseum

    Megadeth, Bush, White Zombie and many more have called the Fairpark Coliseum home. The building has seen better days, but it's a long way from falling apart. I, once again, love the idea of the multiple sightlines here and having a place to sit to take a break. In fairness, this venue still gets used a bit, but not near enough.


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