So exactly what was the cause of the earthquake in Lubbock?

As you well know, Lubbock got "all shook up" last Wednesday (shaken, if you're not making an Elvis reference). It was enough to be noticeable and enough to freak some people out. Sure, you could "say" that the earthquake happened somewhere else and that tremors were just felt in Lubbock, but since we're the center of the universe that's just not possible.

So what would cause Lubbock to get bounced around the ball pit that is West Texas, well, leave it to me to ignore science and make up some good reasons why this happened. Even better, I'm going to help you understand it with words and pictures.

Here you go, it's the "Top Five Reasons Lubbock Had An Earthshaking Moment"

Top Five Reasons Lubbock Had An Earth Shaking Moment

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