The Walking Dead returns this Sunday (February 10) with a bunch of fresh faces (some rotting), and a new group of villains. As I thought about the landscape of the TV show, I started thinking...

Is it a reach to compare the Hub City with The Walking Dead? Not so much. We're all just following the pack and trying to survive.

Here are five reasons why Lubbock is just like The Walking Dead.

  • 1

    The Desolate Landscape

    Don't get me wrong here: I actually love the look of West Texas and the caprock and whatnot. But if there were ever two places where you expect to alternately see no one and tumbleweeds, it's on The Walking Dead and in Lubbock.

  • 2

    Everyone's Hair Is Crazy

    Around here, everyone's hair is nutty due to the wind. On The Walking Dead, it's crazy due to a lack of showering and/or people being dead and patches of it falling off.

  • 3

    People Drive Like There's No One Else On The Road

    You'd think that by now we could be civilized on the road, but just like The Walking Dead, people are zig-zagging all over the place, parking in random places and generally driving like no rules apply to them.

  • 4

    Total Horde Behavior

    Do you think this one's a bit much? Think about anytime a new restaurant opens, or the crowd going into a Texas Tech game. When Lubbock decides something is "hot," that thing is overwhelmed. In The Walking Dead, if the zombies hear a sound or sense a meal, they move as a group towards it.

  • 5

    People Do Dumb Stuff for No Apparent Reason

    Just look as far as your Facebook page. Things are going along just fine, then someone does something epically dumb, then someone does something dumber, and then someone comments on the dumb, and so on. It's just like The Walking Dead. Just keep to yourself and you'll be okay, but gotta get out there and attract attention. And NO attention is good in a zombie wasteland.

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