One of the things I love most about my job is that it has forced me to stay on top of things. I read more than most people, I stay on top of technology and, most of all, I don't fall into that trap of 'everything was better yesterday (shakes walking cane)!'

When are people going to get over the idea that giant horns on poles are the best solution to warn of tornadoes? It sure might have been before everyone and their dog had smartphones. I've seen homeless guys going through messages at intersections. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the best way to reach people is through their phones. Not only that, it's crazy cost effective.

Why do you think they do Amber Alerts on phones instead of just yelling it through loud speakers? We have the technology, people have the phones. The city could set up an app and if you choose to be a part of it, you download it. No big deal.

Part of any system is teaching the people to use it. With a loudspeaker, you get a siren. That's all you get. Just an obnoxious noise -- if you live in the vicinity of it. With a phone alert system, they can tell you about the threat, where to go and so on.

Evidently, our new mayor wants sirens back on the agenda. This is just political food for old people. Rent on poles to support such a system would be a budget item forever, and building and maintaining the towers would be insanely expensive. Don't let anyone distract you with the 'how much is a life worth' BS; that's not the issue. The issue is, what is the best way to reach the most people? And loudspeakers aren't the answer to that question.

Tornado sirens are yesterday's answer to tomorrow's problem.

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