This is going to be a tough post to write.

Rarely do we recognize anyone on the day of their death, but I feel compelled to bring some joy to this day.

Kelly Was Crazy About the Weather

I never really understood how crazy Kelly was about the weather. She was obsessed in the way Gordon Ramsey is about cooking (or something like that). As much as she loved The RockShow, I think she still wanted to be the ultimate weather person. She was DAMN good, too. I don't know if people really know how good she was. I could call her when I was at the haunted house and she could actually predict how the storms were going to behave in ways that blew my mind. She also loved being one of these weather chasers, which to my thinking is a little weird. (Who goes into the rain?)

Kelly Loved Her Family and She Loved Me

Kelly had a story about her kids every day. She was so proud of everything they did and even when they were "in trouble with mom," she'd almost wink because that trouble was somehow cute on some level. As for her relationship with me, I don't think she ever called me "Wes" once. It was always, "Pops." She frequently needed hugs and it was never weird or awkward; it was just a way of recharging her batteries.

Kelly Loved to Rock

Before she actually started working on The RockShow, I had very little idea how much Kelly loved to rock. One of my fondest memories was sitting next to her at Metallica and she was going full-on, old-school Jason Newsted , whipping her hair around and completely living in the moment. We would CRANK up the jams in the control room.

Kelly Could Be the Most Beautiful Person in Any Room

This is weird, and I don't know how to describe it exactly, but when the cameras were going Kelly had some type of inner switch that she could flip. She'd go from tomboy to stunning in a matter of seconds. It was just the damnedest thing. It was almost like one Kelly would come in and replace the other Kelly for photoshoots.

The World Is Not the Same Without Kelly

Yeah, the world kept spinning, but it has a little wobble now. We've moved on a bit and we're having a ton of fun, but every once in a while I have a thought, see a picture or talk to a mutual friend, we still can't believe she's gone.

Kelly created her own universe which we all rotated around and now we're spun out just a bit. I still can't go to breakfast at our favorite hangout. I still get the urge to call her for weather updates. Most of all, I can still hear her voice say, "Pawwwwwwwps" (she really liked to draw it out like that), or when referring to Renee, "Seeeeeesssster" (sister).

Goodbye to This Sweet Lady Again

It's been rainy leading up to this day and that would have made Kelly happy. You be happy too, and call a friend if you're having a tough day.  Call 988 if you need further help.

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