In 2018, 417 bikers were killed in Texas. More than half of those accidents involved another vehicle. In addition, 920 motorcyclists were injured.

These numbers are insane, and TxDOT is doing what they can to bring the numbers down. In fact, there was a 17 percent decrease last year, but that's still not enough. We have to learn to share the road and watch out for motorcycles.

The goal is to always "look twice," and to look specifically for motorcycles. A lot of these accidents happen when cars are making a left at an intersection.

According to a TxDOT press release, a full 30 percent of Texas motorcycle deaths are intersection-related, so if you could be extra vigilant at intersection, that would help, too.

Texas is a beautiful place to ride. Let's keep it safe for everybody. Share the road: look twice for motorcycles.

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