Yes, it's a STUNNER for the second edition of "The Ultimate Album Collection".  Now keep in mind I'm not ranking the albums, I'm just suggesting that an album collection isn't complete with out these titles.  After picking Guns n' Roses "Appetite For Destruction" because it was 'straight up rock', I wanted to pick something that could be considered a bit "fringe" to some.  More after the jump.


I can tell you no uncertain terms that I listened to "London Calling" more than any other album in my entire lifetime (I guess I should add here that on vinyl, this collection was actually two albums, but it fits comfortably on one c.d. now).  The Clash added just a bit of politics to punk and then mixed in reggae, two-tone, rockabilly and a ton of other elements into the mix.  The Clash were to the Sex Pistols what Pearl Jam was to Nirvana; a slightly more polished and grown up version of the original.  Think about how Guns brought sleaze back to rock, how Nirvana brought emotion back and you'll have an idea of how The Clash brought back anger and dissatisfaction back in the middle of the stoned classic rock era.

Most people only know one track from The Clash's "London Calling album. That song would be "Train In Vain".  The track was so out of place on the album as a whole, it was a "hidden" track and not even listed on the albums credits.  For a better idea of what this album is all about, check out "London Calling", "Clampdown", "Brand New Cadillac" , "Lost In The Supermarket", "Spanish Bombs" or "Death or Glory" (later covered by Social Distortion).

So, that's selection number two in "The Ultimate Album Collection".  Have you heard this album?  Do you think it's over rated or under rated?


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