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One of my favorite sayings is, "you can beat a cat with a loaf of bread, but it still won't make you a sandwich." THAT is the type of fight we may be up against.

There is very encouraging news on the COVID-19 vaccine front. Doctors, scientists, drug companies, and others are racing against the clock to find a vaccine against the coronavirus. Right now, questions about effectiveness, longevity, and safety are all in the process of being answered.

The biggest question is, what do we about your ignorant uncle and his claims that it's all a conspiracy? We have to get a certain amount of people vaccinated in order to get the coronavirus threat minimized so that we can return to a normal life.

The problem is, you already have knuckleheads out there that think this all a Bill Gates mind-control experiment, or that they are going to give you a "chip" with the shot. (Fun fact: no current microchips will fit through the end of a vaccine needle.)

I would love to say that these anti-vaxxers "get what they get" for not being immunized, but that slows the process down. It's time to start talking to your people about how important it is that they get immunized and if they won't do it for themselves to at least do it for you.

There's no bravery in not being vaccinated. In fact, it's an a-hole move (for those healthy enough to take it). Just like Americans pitched in to defeat smallpox or recycled metals for the war effort back in the day, it's our responsibility as citizens to fight this invisible menace in America.

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