We got a scoop about The Toadies set this Saturday.

The Toadies (or Toadies) if you prefer are kind of special around here. For those of you who were in Texas in the 90's, you know that we spoke of the band in the same breath as the grunge superstars of the day. I can still name more songs off of Rubberneck than I can with any grunge album. When I had my band, we had three Toadies songs in our list and even worked on a fourth (but it seemed like a bit much).

It's not just me either, Renee Raven set this interview up but was a bit too starstruck to even do it. I guess this weekend's show is a co-headling event with Collective Soul, but the people around me are saying, "are you going to the Toadies show?" I certainly hope all of these other bands on the bill realize that there's going to be Big Toadies Energy in the house.

I guess I've built this up enough. I got in a quick call with Vaden Lewis on Thursday as he was puttering around the house. During the interview, he gives away a very big, very cool secret about the band's performance on Saturday. Have a listen:

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