A heartbreaking video of a family that was allegedly kicked out of a homeless shelter due to positive COVID tests is making its way across the internet right now. Children are seen carrying all of their belongings in plastic trash bags to a park where they settled in for a cold night under the stars.

There are really words to accurately describe hearing about something like this happening, but I doubt they are the first people to have experienced this. Fortunately, according to The Daily Dot, they came across some resources to help them get back on their feet and were also vaccinated against the virus.

A positive COVID test is not an adequate reason to remove someone from a shelter. If anything, they should have been placed in a space where they were able to quarantine to help stop the spread. Releasing them back into the world was a terrible mistake on the shelter's part and did nothing but make matters worse for the poor family.

If you have seen behavior like this in your community, please comment below or share your story with FMX. Shelters are meant to help people out of a hard place, not to put them into an even worse one. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to not only be homeless with a large family but to also be suffering from a nasty illness with little to no resources, no warm bed, and nobody to help you out while you recover.

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