I'm sorry you're desperate enough to fall for this.

All of the major platforms have started scrubbing their sites of a video from "America's Frontline Doctors," This has led conspiracy nuts who think the whole coronavirus pandemic is a hoax to now believe that there's also a giant conspiracy to cover it up.

This group seems to be based mostly on politics and only marginally on medicine. I guess if you want to believe this group of doctors (most of which have nothing to do with respiratory medicine) is telling the truth and the other million doctors are lying, well, then, there you go. The group makes a bunch of claims about coronavirus which experts say are untrue.

The doctors in this group are being roasted, with one in particular, Dr. Stella Immanuel, having claimed in the past that certain diseases are caused by people having sex with witches and demons in their sleep. No, really.

All of this kerfuffle is thanks to a push by a right-wing website which doesn't deserve to be named. You can, of course, see the political affiliation stamped on the video. I'm going to go ahead and admit that I couldn't even make it through the whole thing because my baloney meter went off immediately.

I'm at the point of, you do you. If you want to believe this, have fun, but it doesn't take much watching of the video to realize that these people all have a screw loose.

If this is who you want to follow off a cliff, then go for it. The rest of us are going to mask up, social distance, and wash our hands. We'll just sit over here and be stupid and alive while you're "woke" and dead (or intubated).

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