It doesn't get much better than this.

Consider this clip of Metallica's live performance of "Ride the Lightning" the real deal. It's the soundboard recording at the United Supermarkets Arena from their March 2nd, 2019 concert, shot by professionals right there next to the band. And yes, that's the crowd you hear OVER James Hetfield during parts of the song.

Watch it below.

The band does this for every city they hit, and Lubbock got lucky with one of Metallica's classic tracks from the 80s.

Seriously, I cannot emphasize enough just how incredibly special it was to be there with all of you. We were 14,000 individuals, but ONE spirit. My heart was filled to the brim with awe.

Want more Met? We've got a ton of other great stuff from the Lubbock show on our website. Hit this link to see pictures, videos and more.

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