Lubbock musicians in the band Labor XII were totally stoked to learn that rapper T-Pain recently checked out their song "Get Schwifty" off their new album Monsters. And guess what? He liked it!

Apparently, T-Pain likes to listen to different music on Twitch and show off what he likes. It's pretty cool that a band out of Lubbock, Texas made it all the way to his ears.

Check out the video below:

The band was absolutely elated that their song reached the ears of someone as famous as T-Pain, and it's certainly something to be proud of. Our local music scene has some incredibly talented individuals that deserve as much press as they can get.

94.5 FMX reached out to Labor XII to find out how it all happened. Singer Ross Hamill told us this:

"Our drummer, Randy, is also a Twitch streamer. The majority of his streaming is video games. Through the course of recording and producing our album in 2021, he used his platform to gain new followers for the band. As a result, one of our followers submitted Get Schwifty to T-Pain's twitch stream last Saturday night (Feb 19th), and T-Pain actually listened and streamed a bit of it. While his associate didn't really care for the song, T-Pain said he liked it."

Very cool. What are the odds that he would give a listen to your song, given that there were probably tons of submissions? Keep up the good work, guys. We look forward to seeing you continue to rock out to the top.

If you also enjoyed the song, be sure to check out more of Labor XII's jams here.

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