Just registering to vote sends a message.

Voting is a good habit to get started on. Admittedly, it's a tough thing to get started on when the issues aren't all that sexy.

This November 5th there are ten proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution on the ballot. Do you want to make it easier for police dogs to be adopted when they've finished their service? Or, do you want to vote on a complete ban on a statewide income tax?  Maybe you want to go just go vote against these things because you don't like lawmakers spending their time on this kind of stuff.

If you plan on just registering and/or voting on November 5th. You need to get registered before October 7th. This date is also your deadline for making changes to your voter registration.  You can do this at the Lubbock County Elections Office, or give Vote.org a try. Be a grownup, get it done.

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