You may have seen our story on Cherry, the bulldog mix with the eyelid condition. Her story has touched someone else's heart, and now we're rollin'!

We received an unsolicited message from Ryan Blakley, owner of Walter's World Of Pets, that he will match donations made in honor of Cherry up to $1,000. (If you didn't see the original story about Cherry, you can check it out here.)

This is huge news for this precious pup, and an unbelievably touching and generous donation from Lubbock's Lizard King (I just made that up).

Please keep this kind of generosity in mind. How cool is it that the reptiles are stepping up for the doggos? We think it's amazing that all of you are stepping up.

I know it may bother some of you seeing this puppy the way she is now, but please keep in mind that Cherry is a happy pup, about 8-10 weeks old, and is apparently a real rascal. A veterinary surgeon should be able to take care of the eyelid condition with little to no problem (fingers crossed).

If you want to pitch in a couple of bucks and help us reach that $1,000 plateau, then click here for The Haven's story and donation page.

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