I want to help ALL of the pups and kitties, but sometimes that has to be done at one at a time.

This poor baby bulldog mix was dumped at The Haven. She is suffering from "cherry eye," which is not uncommon, especially in bulldogs, and treatable. This condition sometimes doesn't even bother the dog, other times it causes some irritation. The bottom line is, in most cases, it can be fixed.

I'm not going to pass judgment on why this dog was dumped. I'm only here to fix this dog and get it to a loving home. The dog isn't even up for adoption and won't be until this condition is remedied.

Here's my challenge. There's a lot of you right now that would take this dog or some other dog in if you can. You don't have to do that. Just help me help make this sweetie more adoptable.

Please make a donation in honor of the dog you WISH you could have. There's a lot of people reading this right now so if you can only do a few bucks, do it! Can you imagine the power we have to fix things if we just come up with 5 or 10 bucks when a special need arises?

Rest assured that if we go over the amount needed for the operation that your money will go towards supporting other animals at The Haven (and they are jam-packed right now). Let's give this puppy a chance at a full life. You can donate HERE.

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