This is pretty incredible. A co-worker was telling me about a scam that hit his phone, and before he walked away, they tried getting me, too.

If you got a message from "Wells.F.Bank" that your credit card is "locked" or that there's a problem with it, chances are near 100 percent that it's a scam.

This particular scam seems to come and go, with some internet reports dating it back to 2017. It apparently started as a scam that targeted iPhone users, and it's unclear if it's hitting Android users as well.

Some of the messages open up to a link that asks you for more personal information. Some have a phone number that you call that will also ask you to "verify" your account with more personal information.

The correct way to handle this is to ignore it if you're sure it's a scam, or call the number on the back of your credit card (or your bank directly) and ask them if they sent out the warning. It appears that the messages that are going on right now are all coming from the 410 area code.

As I said, this scam is hitting phones EVERYWHERE right now, please let your friends know that this is a garbage scam and they really don't need to do anything about it but ignore it.


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